Malabar Mushroom

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Malabar Mushroom

India, South Western Shoreline

The Malabar mushroom strain was first discovered in India’s southwestern Malabar Coastline. Ecstasy, love, uncontrollable laughing, physical vibration, and light aesthetic delusion are among the effects. It has dense, thick stems that can be as large as a forearm, and huge wide crowns that are normally darker near the center and fade towards the edge. It has a medium potency and acts a little faster than other magic mushrooms.


The Malabar mushroom’s effects differ from person to person. The Malabar can have a slow but steady effect on the body and mind due to its high psilocin and psilocybin contents. The voyage then climbs to its pinnacle, which is full of vibrant colors and visual effects, in about an hour.

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mushrooms from the Malabar region, The Malabar Magic Mushroom’s effects differ from person to person. The Malabar can have a slow but steady effect on the body and mind due to its high psilocin and psilocybin contents.Malabar Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Malabar), also known as Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms, are native to the Indian state of Malabar.

Malabar Magic Mushrooms are noted for becoming more numerous, fruitier, and tolerant of warmer conditions. These magical mushrooms were discovered growing in elephant dung in the wild. Organic grains are used to grow our version.

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These Malabar Magic Mushrooms have a flattish dark Brown cap and are thick, dense, and fairly huge. This strain is ridiculously easy to grow and is ideal for large-scale growers. This variety, which was discovered in India and is recognized for its beauty, thrives in subtropical climates. The caps can reach a diameter of 55 mm, and the stems can reach a length of 150 mm.

If you’ve never used our Malabar Magic Mushrooms before, we recommend starting with the medium experience level, as the visuals can be rather intense and difficult to handle for beginner users.

For a positive experience, the set and location are crucial. If you’re new to psychedelics, we also recommend having a guide or sitter with you. Mushrooms from Malabar


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4 reviews for Malabar Mushroom

  1. Neville

    Trevor Tower (verified owner) – February 5, 2021

    Loved the product helped with resetting my depression. I will order it again. Stay blessed.

  2. Neville

    Anonymous (verified owner) – February 15, 2021

    These things really work feels like it broke my brain hehe awesome trips and long effects

  3. Neville

    Anonymous (verified owner) – February 22, 2021

    Was fantastic, better than expected!

  4. Neville

    Scott (verified owner) – February 22, 2021

    Effects came quickly and lasted a long time, if your looking for a mild high then this is perfect for you

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